terça-feira, fevereiro 06, 2007

My House

Which House M.d. Character are you?? (UPDATED!!)

You are Cameron!! Some say you are a fairy-like being of love, some say you are a damaged piece of beauty...i say say you have issues....i mean, we all love house, house is seriously cool....but there is a fine line between cool and sexy....in House's case..more of a GIANT MOTORWAY-TYPE LINE!! Ok, no, i can see where you're coming from....but he's so evil and insane!!!! Why would you even bother????? Hmmm, on the other hand, you had the sense (yes, sense) to get high on meth and screw the divine Dr Chase so your intelligence has been rated slightly higher up in my esteem. Ahem...whatever, you love people and they usually love you. Rock.
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